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At C&C Moving Specialist, we specialize in providing professional and trusted moving services to the greater Palmdale, California community. We offer a flexible schedule that can accommodate busy schedules. Whether you are looking for a full-package moving service or a quick trip around town, we can provide safe, on-time, and dependable workers. Our company truly goes above and beyond for every customer.

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Our Service

Packing and Unpacking

Pack and unpack clothes, books, small antiques, kitchenware, electronics and more! Our team will help you professionally wrap and prepare for your move.

Loading and Unloading

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We offer all types of loading and unloading services including home, office, truck, pod, U-Box, freight, trailer and even storage.

U-Box and Pod Services

We’ll help pick up the U-Box from the U-Haul location and drop it off at your destination. We’ll even help you return it back to the U-haul location once the load is complete.

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