Moving Tips

#1: Each room should be packed and placed accordingly.

For example, all of the living room items should be packed in boxes and labeled with “Living Room” on the box. Your movers will easily be able to load, unload, and organize your belongings accordingly.

#2: Use trash bags for soft items such as clothing, stuffed animals, bedding, and towels

  • Remember – Always label your items! You do not want to throw away half of your linens in the middle of your move.
  • Hanging Clothes – Use trash bags around your hanging clothes to easily group them and keep them clean and safe during the move
  • Stuffed Animals – This is the quickest and easiest way to clear your child’s bed. Just remember to keep your kid’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket out so they have during the moving process.
  • Soft items in a garbage bag will easily lay on top of your boxes in the moving truck or U-box.

#3: Utensils should be bubble wrapped an boxed

Just because they are made of metal, does not mean that they cannot get scratched during a move. Also, when they are secured, then there is a greater chance that all of your items will be undamaged when you get to your new home.

#4: Label your boxes

This one seems obvious, but in the heat of the packing and moving process, you would be surprised how many times this gets overlooked. One moment with a Sharpie will save you hours of searching later.

#5: Plan your schedule ahead

Do you need someone to watch the kids during moving day? How about your four legged friends and other animals? Do you need to take a day or tow off during the move? Be sure to plan this all ahead as much as possible and it will make moving day much easier.

#6: Get rid of clutter before the move

Do you really need those jeans that you have not worn in 5 years? What about that box of stuff in the closet/attic/garage that you “may use in the future”? Have a garage sale, give to charity, sell it on Craig’s List or eBay or Facebook Marketplace. There are many ways to get rid of that stuff before moving day and moving is a great reason to get it done.

#7: Pack separately for the first night in your new home

You have probably thought about your clothes, toothbrush, and deodorant but do not forget toilet paper, paper plates, utensils, snacks, coffee and coffee pot, towels, sheets, and cleaning supplies. You will be happy that you have them.

#8: Pack heavy items in small boxes

I’m talking about you, books!

#9: Keep small items such as screws and cords with their larger components

Take packing tape and adhere those screws and cords to your electronics. You can even put them in a paper bag first to be extra careful that they do not get lost.

#10: Use blankets and towels to wrap breakable items

Place towel or blankets between your picture frames, mirrors, pottery, etc. Not only will you save money on bubble wrap but you will be packing two of your items at once!