Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the movers take less time than I paid for?

C&C will refund you the difference up to 1 hour. While we strive to provide a quote that is as accurate as possible, if you pay for 4 hours and it takes us 3 hours, we will refund you the difference and put the refund back onto the credit card that you used to pay.

What happens if the movers take more time than I paid for?

We will let you know the additional time as soon as possible on moving day. When it comes to moving, there are always unknown situations. As soon as we recognize that the move could take additional time, we will let you know. You and the moving supervisor will discuss the need for additional time and agree upon the time. We can charge your card on file when we are done with the job.

How accurate is the detailed quote?

The professional staff at C&C Moving Specialist have decades of experience in moving. Our quotes are normally within 10% of the actual time needed. We encourage you to take photos and videos to upload with your quote so we can get the best understanding of your belongings that we will be moving. Once we receive the quote, we will evaluate the information that you sent and either issue you a quote or contact you for more information and issue a quote after that.

Does C&C Take Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.  You can create an estimate, set up your moving details, and pay your deposit by clicking here or call us at 661-627-6858 to discuss your move with our professional team.